My name’s Greg. I’m a Brisbane based ProducerComposer and above all Musician.

So what does this mean?
Well it means that I’ve worked with some of Brisbane’s finest up and coming acts in the studio (head over to the ‘Studio Production’ page for a taste) and have a deep, musical understanding of how a Music Studio works. I’ve also worked on several games and films as a composer and SFX designer. These compositional skills I have learnt through formal musical education and enhanced by an unbridled love of sound. I believe that everything can be an instrument and every sound can be musical, you just need the right mind.
Check out the ‘Sound Composition’ tab to see what I mean.

I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Music Technology at the Queensland Conservatorium and working as studio engineer at Salisbury based Tall Poppy Productions with some of Brisbane’s finest musical talent.

I am also guitarist/singer/violinist/songwriter for Alt Indie group Black as Blue. We have recorded several EP’s and played countless shows around Brisbane and beyond.

Whilst no-one can say they’ve seen it all, I’ve seen a bit and heard at least half.

So get in touch, I’d love to hear from you at:

Greg_attack at hotmail.com





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